News: Planning a Scavenger Hunt Based on Age

Planning a Scavenger Hunt Based on Age

For any scavenger hunt to become a hit, you need to contemplate the age groups or capability levels of your persons who are actually going to take part. It's fairly apparent that the scavenger hunt easy enough to end up being completed by young kids could jolly well be boring for grownups that wouldn't be interested in something so easy. However, it is also a fact that integrating exactly the correct quantity of intricacy for various age ranges is usually pretty difficult. What do seven year old kids like, anyway? Can a toddler really handle the concept of searching for something? Can you tear your teen away from her Twilight book long enough to lure her into getting on board with a clue hunt? The following age information is intended to assist you to create a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt ideal for any age range it's meant for. In a series of posts, you will get the Scavenger Hunt Lowdown on what to do for various age ranges along with tips and suggestions. By the time you finish absorbing all the information being dished out for you here, you will be a master of determining age appropriate scavenger hunt plans. Read the next posts for the lowdown!

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